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Longitudinal Strip Canoe

This cedar canoe sold years ago but this picture is respresentative of the craft Boats of Muskoka specializes in. In the case of this canoe, long before boats started to be made from waterproof materials liks fibreglass, people in Ontario invented ways of building boats out of strips of wood that were fitted so well, all they needed to be watertight, was a few coats of varnish.

Another local invention was the Disappearing Propeller Boat (Dis-Pro). In 1915 Billy Johnson invented a mechanism that allowed the propeller to be raised and lowered. He added this device to a beautiful double-ended lapstrake skiff made of cypress and powered the boat with a single cylinder engine. These boats were built in Port Carling till 1927, they were later made in Lindsay before coming back to Muskoka when they were produced in Gravenhurst by Greavette. Dispro's (or Dippies) are one of the quinticencial Muskoka boats.

Dis-Pro Boat
This is a 1926 Dispro. It has beautiful laminated decks in the bow which makes it an "Uncle Sam" model. The Port Carling Uncle Sams had a unique folding bow light which is included but not shown here. $16,000 obo


Rice Lake Canoe (Pratt) in the forefront and a Peterborough sailing canoe in the background. Chickens not included!

Possible Port Carling Seabird Skiff
Clinker rowing skiff.
Possible Strickland Canoe
A finely built longitudinal strip canoe. This boat has unusually short decks which could be the feature that helps identify the builder of this boat. $850 obo

Dispro Sport Special
When production of Dispro's moved to Lindsay, a new model was introduced. This was the "Sport Special" model that had laminated decks in both the bow and stern. The engine was covered and up front was a mother-in-law seat. This one is powered by a Caron single cylinder engine. $12,000 obo

Chestnut Canoe Co. Prospector
This is an old Chestnut Prospector that is rigged for sailing. This boat comes complete with two lee boards that still have their original Chestnut decals intact -see below.

A Peterborough Viamede skiff. The planking on this boat is remarkably intact but it needs some new ribs. $1200 obo
Chestnut sailing lee boards


JG Brown Sunnyside Cruiser Canoe
Walter Dean, a builder from Toronto invented the "Sunnyside Cruiser" which had raised torpedo decks and recurved stems. The style became so popular that other makers started making them to. This is one that was made by JG Brown. It has a bow locker that still has a makers tag intact.
Alternationg light and dark strip canoe
To really show off, the makers of this Canadian Canoe Co. boat used alternating strips of light and dark wood. $900 obo


Sport Special Dispro
This is another Sport Special. This one is powered by a St. Lawrence single cylinder engine. The device on this boat is fitted with an "aqua scope" which allows you to look through to see if there are any weeds on your prop. $20,000 obo

Closed Gunwale Old Town Canoe
Early cedar canvas canoes have what's called "closed-gunwale construction". This is a closed-gunwale Old Town canoe. Along with it having some really nice lines early boats such as this are beautifully made. $900 obo

Disappearing Propeller Boat Spoon Oars

These are some original spoon oars for a Greavette Dispro. $800 obo

Restored Burleigh Rowing Skiff
 A restored Peterborough Viamede rowing skiff $4000 obo
 Another Brown Boat Co. cruiser. This one needs a bit of work. $450 obo
Malette Rowing Skiff
Another St. Lawrence Rowing Skiff. This one was made by Mallette of Gananoque, Ontario and is probably 100 years old. $4000 obo 
Device from a Dispro
A Dispro device complete with bronze fittings $850 obo 
St. Lawrence Skiff
In Eastern Ontario, a specialized skiff evolved over the years and these are referred to as St Lawrence skiffs.
This one was likely made by the St Lawrence Skiff and Motor Co. $3000 obo
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